New Year and a New Perspective

View from Outside (Kyoto)

Thank you for your patience! I admit that I have been putting this off for too long, so I resolved that I would bite the bullet and just do it. I am still not completely sure what this blog will be about but I have a better idea than before. I will try to feature my own artwork of course but I also want to discuss the importance of finding one’s own voice and going upstream against the flow of the crowd. My opinions might change from day to day, and that is fine with me. I also hope to express myself on a regular basis even if it is just the occasional sentence expressing a thought that popped into my head. Those thoughts might be verbal instead of visual but they are still important to me. They  reflect who I am in many arenas. If possible, I hope that friends of mine who I respect as artists will also let me feature some of their work as well. Sometimes I will be verbose on all or some of these topics, and sometimes I will be as succinct as possible. Please join me as I peek into what it is like to be a recovering creative and artist in the 21st century in Japan and elsewhere.


6 thoughts on “New Year and a New Perspective

    1. FIngers and toes crossed that what you say is true. Just a little hard when you feel like what you do resemembles very little of what you see other people doing. People are often more comfortable if something is easily identifiable and easily categorized. My work might not be political in nature but even things like the medium can make people stop and think, “Whoa! Really? That is pencil crayon?” Reality take son another level.


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