Postcard for Exhibition



In Japan, galleries and individuals send out postcards for their exhibitions. It is a good idea. The cards are not that large and not that expensive. These can be directly mailed to interested parties or available at galleries, cafes, and other shops for anybody to pick up and take home. Costs are usually covered by the artists.

This is the card for my upcoming show with Elida Maria in Daimyo, a trend-setting part of Fukuoka City. I love this gallery! Konya 2023 is an old apartment building where all the apartments are  now used by galleries, artists, dance collectives, and other similar groups or individuals. Travel Front is the closest thing to an artist-run center like those I know in Canada. it is not a huge gallery, but many galleries in this area are small. It, however, does not have low ceilings or cater to hobbyists like some of the other places do. It is one of the few places I have seen that focus on a variety of contemporary art and design but do not focus exclusively on video or digital art. The people who run the gallery (and I think the operation of Konya 2023) are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. One apartment is also available as an inexpensive artist residence if you need somewhere to work. Highly recommended!


Look for the gyoza shop in the building next door. Go to the back of the apartment building where the Italian cafe/bar is located and then go up the stairs. The gallery is right at the top of the stairs. Hope to see you there!


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