Ningyo Monogatari: Fabled Figurines

One of the purposes of this blog is to spread information about what is happening in the art world. Unlike larger urban centres and unlike places in Canada that I am familiar with, news about exhibitions does not travel far in Kyushu or Yamaguchi. My friend introduced me to this teeny tiny artist-run gallery called the THM Gallery near Tobata Station in Kitakyushu. What a gem of a gallery! It is tucked away in a quaint house that has been renovated in an older neighbourhood and is beside  one of the many ubiquitous ramen shops in the area. In North America or Europe, it would probably be near a popular tourist area or a key member or an artistic centre. You can see what it looks like on their website (in Japanese):

Gallery THM
Gallery THM


One of their up-and-coming shows features dolls and other figurines from private collections. European bisque dolls, dolls made by artists, Kewpie dolls that have been slightly redesigned, beaded doll clothes, carved figurines, and other figures will be on display from February 8 to February 26, 2013.

Advertisement for Artisanal Doll Show
Advertisement for Artisanal Doll Show

If you are wondering about the Kewpie doll, remember that this is Asia. Kewpie dolls are extremely popular here. Large art museums have featured exhibitions on the artwork of their creator whose name I cannot recall right now. They are kawaii (cute but in a very specific, Japanese sense), and that is all that counts. They are often re-appropriated by artists and companies here.

On a personal note, my favourite figure in this ad is the sheep with personality. I was lucky enough to meet the artist (nicknamed Momo-chan) at another show in Yahata.

Anybody  want to play dolls after having some ramen for lunch?


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