Making Art in the Arctic

Cooling Off in Kyushu
Cooling Off in Kyushu


This photo might be from Kyushu, Japan but it still provides soothing, cool thoughts on this muggy day in the rainy season. The summers get so hot that I find glacial streams to be the perfect temperature. I can almost see the steam rising when I place my feet in the water where as everybody else complains that the water is so cold it hurts. As the sweat runs down my back, the thought of being in a cool place is very appealing. This article discusses a Kickstarter campaign to create an artist residency in Norway, but wouldn’t this also be a great idea for communities in northern Canada to generate some ecotourism? We all know that the arts is one of the cheapest ways to revitalise a local economy. Baker Lake is one example where a printmaking project resulted in the creation of world renowned artists. (I am also proud to say that Sheila Butler, one of the artists involved, was one of my favourite university professors and one of my favourite artists before that.) After spending hot and humid summers in Japan, I would be more than willing to spend some time on the tundra. And going in a tundra buggy to see polar bears in Churchill is on my bucket list!


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