From Flamingo Road to the Anti-Art School

Once again the third Wednesday found me with about 20-30 soon-to-be close friends in the basement of a small gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. Why? To attend Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, Tokyo! (I tried reblogging their page about this week’s event but I could not figure out how to do it. Sorry! I tried!)

The infamous Acco was the lovely model this time. She regularly performs on weekends at the Flamingo Road in Roppongi. She was so majestic in her regal red robes in her performance.

DSC00884 DSC00881

Then she showed more of her skin as many burlesque performers are apt to do.

DSC00885 DSC00890

Yes, I am trying to keep this blog rated PG as much as I possibly can. The music she chose after all was suitable for family listening.

Can you believe that she danced to “Then he Kissed Me” by the Crystals? Fabulous! Her racy red outfit contrasted greatly with the innocence of the song playing in the background during her performance.  (Drawings will be posted later.)

Next month the group is meeting on the last Wednesday of the month instead of the third Wednesday like they usually do. Why? The final Wednesday, October 29, is the closest Wednesday to Hallowe’en! The planners are preparing a special treat.


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