Double Vision Wednesdays: Double Textile Artists

At the end of October, I went with some friends to the Shin Marunouchi building across from Tokyo station to explore the terrace. I swear it was unplanned, but we discovered Cosmic Girls, several installations spread throughout the floor. As soon as we walked into the room with the crocheted solar system, I experienced deja vu. I had seen several of those pieces before. I was strongly reminded of the crocheted work of my friend from Studio Deanna. What do you think?


Saki Chikaraishi made the satellite and other items in the solar system in the top two photos; Studio Deanna made the butterflies and black weblike spiral in the bottom two photos. Now you can see why I was so surprised!

They both do yarn bombing, crocheting, and have been known to do a bit of knitting as well. Don’t worry! They really are two different people and they do not look the least bit alike, as you can see for yourself. Also, Chikaraishi prefers knitting and even made a knitting machine (seen in the background of her photo), and Studio Deanna prefers crocheting and is a crocheting machine all by herself with only a needle and yarn. They were both excited to meet another yarn artist. A few more photos of Chikaraishi’s work can also be seen on Studio Deanna’s blog.



DSC01580Sputniko! had a humorous video installation called Lunar Girl that was based on the interesting fact that no woman has yet walked on the moon. It is true, but I had honestly never thought of it until she pointed it out. Other artists included Haruka Kojin and Erika Kobayashi. Kojin’s collection of magnifying bubbles looked great and was a lot of fun!




Cosmic Girls ends on November 16 and is highly recommended.



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