Hush-Hush! Hallowe’en Bash

Hush-Hush! was an event featuring the best of burlesque before Hallowe’en. (Talk about alliteration! Better behave with the B’s, right?) This was not a tiny bar down some dark alley. Act Square was at a hall where events of all kinds are regularly held. It resembled dinner theatre in Vegas. DSC01605The show featured burlesque, pole dancing, belly dance, juggling, and even a drag queen called Babienobitch that would have made Divine jealous. People-watching was equally entertaining since much of the audience were also in costumes since it was right before Hallowe’en. I made a mistake with the reservations, so our table was in the outer ring albeit with a good view. As a result, I only took a few photos. Too far away to do much more.

Burlesque performers included Miss Cabaretta, Pink Loves You (a duo), Violet Eva, Miwa Rock, Circus de Moccos (a duo), Bee Tiny Tot, and DSC01616Murosaki Baby Doll (a dance group). Pippi Silk Stockings (transliteration of 絹靴下のピピ) did pole dancing, and Akiko Takada did belly dancing. Gummo and Lovin were the go-go girls and stage kittens. Can’t forget the stage kittens, can you?


The show began with Bee Tiny Tot, who was as charming as ever. Can you believe that her teddy bear also does a burlesque routine complete with rip-away costume and sequins? They were hilarious!

Okotanpe was the juggler who used to work with Cirque du Soleil. He and Akiko Takada sometimes perform together.


You do not have to be there to experience what happened. Thanks to YouTube, you can relive the belly-dancing performance of Akiko Takada (タカダアキコ).  I have several friends who are belly dancers, but Takada tries to push the envelope of what you think that means.

As for the pole dancing, don’t think of strip clubs. Pippi Silk Stockings will make you think of androids with her Jinzo Ningen routine (人造人間).



DSC01604Babienobitch somehow managed to do a beach routine on stage as well as a tribute to Divine’s role as the evil octopus in the Little Mermaid. Gotta love it when a drag queen does a tribute to other drag queens, right?

DSC01625Familiar faces were everywhere. She had been dressed more casually for a previous event. Formal event means you must wear a little black dress, right? I wonder what the next holiday will bring?



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