Double Vision Wednesdays: Principessa Elegante

Keeping it simple today. One drawing and one photo for two pictures of one person. Who is the subject? She is the ever alluring Principessa Elegante on her visit to Tokyo from Los Angeles. I took a snapshot of the drawing before I gave it to her as a thank-you for her modeling services.


I have hundreds of figure drawings from various drawing sessions over the years, so I sometimes give the model a sketch. They are usually happy to take one home. They might pose for many artists, but that does not mean that they actually have many pieces of artwork featuring their faces or bodies. I imagine that it is also interesting to see how others view you. I remember one woman who was a swimmer with broad shoulders. She modeled in the nude for extra money while in university but never told her family or boyfriend what she did for a part-time job. She was thrilled to get a drawing but did not hang it on her wall…yet. Maybe someday she will, right? Maybe when it just becomes a story about the interesting things she did when she was younger.


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