My Image Was Stolen!

Any photo I take, any artwork I make, or any sentence I write belongs to me. Copyright automatically belongs to me the creator even I have not added any C’s in circles or legal jargon. That is how copyright works. If you want to borrow (and then return) or use anything I make, just ask. Don’t steal!

A friend wrote about her misadventures with somebody stealing her images for commercial purposes. I have heard about people stealing entire websites and inserting their names here and there. Is it really that hard to make your own? Or to hire a kid in high school to do it for you? Do the right thing, people!


So the other day as I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I came across a familiar looking image. One friend had posted a comment which was an advertisement by a Goan restaurant located in Kuwait advertising their Goan sweets for Christmas. Since it looked very familiar, I went & checked in my albums & was in for a total shock. My heart started beating faster & my hands began to turn cold! This could not be happening to me! But there it was, my image (click here to see my blog post featuring the image) which was a plate with Goan neureos & kormolas neatly & beautifully arranged & which was taken back in 2011 being cropped, stolen & used without my permission for commercial advertising purpose! After my initial reaction, once I calmed down a bit, I questioned my friend who posted it how did he get…

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