A Stitch in Time Past


A friend if mine in Kyushu knows almost everybody and gladly introduces anyone who asks. In 2013 we went to see two young textile artists at a show near the old brewery in Moji-ku, Kitakyushu. Emiko Tabata loves to make interesting hats of her own design; Tamaki Honda Sakamoto prefers weaving and felting even though both of her parents are painters. They depend on these shows to sell a few small items so they can continue to do what they love. Their creations are reasonably priced, and I think they would sell well on Etsy, a website that they had never heard about. In an attempt to give them some free publicity, we goofed around and took some fun photos. I was a model for the day.


How about being a white witch for a day? Nice change from the usual black cones.


Tabata’s hat is made from scratch and not a pre-bought form with fabric added. Sakamoto’s scarf was soft and not at all itchy! For me that is important. (You can also some of the mini pieces in frames that Sakamoto made to sell at the show.)


Hasn’t everybody wanted to be an urban cowboy? My friend actually owns a couple of Tabata’s hats and gets minor repairs done as a courtesy.


Can you believe that this denim hat folds up into a square? it is an origami hat! Tabata’s cloche hats in the back were soft and squishy. Sorry, but that is my scarf.

IMG_1698Tabata’s incredibly comfortable Poor-boy cap and Sakamoto’s almost abstract woven scarf with several tails to it.


This turban-like hat is something that my grandmother would have loved to wear! Me? I prefer the scarf. That is more my style than hers.





This was Sakamoto’s prototype for a leather choker. She never meant to sell it, but I persuaded her to do otherwise.

If you are interested in contacting them, let me know and I can pass on the details. They are naturally more comfortable dealing in Japanese but also understand some English.


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