Is Nago the New Emperor?


December 23 is a national holiday in Japan, so we can all celebrate DSC02442the emperor’s birthday. Who knew that Nago, the vocalist from the Situray Cats, had his birthday that day? Does that mean he is the emperor? Are they one and the same? Wouldn’t any man feel like a king or an emperor if the beautiful Odile brought you a birthday cake and the other members of Love Attack as well as the audience sang Happy Birthday to you?


What would you do if you were Nago and in training for a marathon? Do you eat it all yourself? It is a small cake after all. No way! Share your cake with everybody of course, even the owner of the Golden Tiger club.




Members of the other band? No problem! Share and share alike.

DSC02448What about the dancers from Love Attack? Marie Horn does not look like she wants any. She and the others have no choice! Bottoms up!



Maria Luna, one of the members of Love Attack, seems to have enjoyed the cake without any qualms whatsoever.


Even first-time spectators from Hong Kong get some cake. Not what she expected!


Cannot forget your fellow band members, can you? They work hard; they play hard. One for all, and all for one in the Situray Cats.


Wouldn’t you know that Odile had her birthday a little while later? Does that make her the Empress of Rockabilly?

Happy birthday, Nago! May you forever reign as the Emperor of Rockabilly! Happy birthday to Odile as well! May you reign long and and prosper!






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