Going Home with Karin Pisarikova

Karin Pisarikova is a Czech artist currently doing her doctorate in Fine Arts at the Tama Art University in Tokyo. She is having a thesis show at the Toki Art Space in Shibuya, Tokyo. Her creativity and imagination run rampant throughout the gallery.

15012801The photo on the postcard, although not seen in the gallery unless it was in some corner that I missed, gives you more than a hint that hair was one of the main mediums that she used for this project. Why not?

The main installation was metres and metres of stuffed pantyhose were hanging from the pipes on the ceiling. More women than men can probably relate to this piece. Do you know when you haven’t shaved your legs and you hope your nylons will cover it up but yet the hairs stick through? That. Now imagine many legs as a string of sausages hung from the rafters like a barrel of monkeys all connected. It made me smile. Also had a video of somebody frying some sweet breads placenta, turning them into a stew, and serving them as a posh dinner. It might have been brains, but I don’t know. She also displayed a few photographs of performances and installations featuring tangled hair.


It was doubly interesting, because I had just seen an article on Huffpost Arts & Culture about Dana Sherman, one of their proclaimed “badass” female artists. She had done an illustration of a young woman holding a string of bloody sausages. Are women with strings of sausages part of the current Zeitgeist?

“Going Home” is worth the visit and easily combined with a trip to Watarium, a few minutes away. The two galleries are really close!



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