Three for Five

A friend on Facebook nominated me to do a challenge where you have to post three photos of your artwork each day for five days.

I decided to post it here instead as a more permanent archive. I have to admit though that it is slightly scary to post about your own art even if many of my drawings are already in the portfolio. Yes, I call them drawings, not paintings. I know that many people who use coloured pencils call their artwork paintings, but I think the physicality of their creation and  the delicacy of the lines make them drawings, not paintings.

I guess I will start with a biggie that is pretty close to three metres square. I made Celebration for the anniversary of the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese (AFWJ). I wanted something that could make a large impact on people as they walked into Space Galleria where some friends and I had a show at the same time as AFWJ’s annual convention. The RBR Gallery in Tokyo later borrowed the piece for their own opening when they moved to a new building for the same reason, and the drawing showed up in the background of many photos.

Image (1) DSCF30732-e1406035371223.jpg for post 114


Celebration is coloured pencil over watercolour and gesso on six wooden panels (218 cm x 226 cm or approximately 6 ft on each side). People usually do a double take after I tell them it is coloured pencil or pencil crayon as we Canadians like to call them.

After the show in Chiba City, three of the artists then did a group show in Shimonoseki in an old storage building. The ceilings were much lower, and it was impossible for me to hang my drawing as one large square. I had to divide it into two halves to make it fit. I was not sure if it would work or not, but it did. In fact, I now think I like it better divided in half! The upper three panels also work well, perhaps even better, as a piece by themselves without the lower three panels.What do you think?

Image (2) DSCF38305-e1406035397180.jpg for post 114
Celebration: Upper Three Panels


Celebration: Lower Three Panels
Celebration: Lower Three Panels

I am now trying to find a place that I like to have a show with this and other drawings in Tokyo. Yes, hopefully my Tokyo debut. Wish me luck!


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