Three for Five V

I cannot believe that I have managed to post some work every single day this week! Unlike other people, I do not usually draw sketches so I was worried about how easily I could do this challenge. I do have more finished drawings but I decided that in the spirit of all those posting sketches I would post works in progress.


This one called, Sun Showers, is completed, but a similar but smaller one has just been started. With this, I wanted to preserve some of the white space. I did not want to cover every inch with many layers of colour. I wanted to show off both the white background and the nature of the liquid drawing medium. I do not want my drawings to look like photographs or call them photographs when they are clearly drawings.

DSC02561 This is definitely a work in progress. You would be surprised how much patience and skill it takes to make something that looks like it was dashed off quickly but still looks good. I still wanted to preserve the white and keep the marks to a minimum if possible. I will have to clean it up and add accents later.


This is another mini work in progress. I am not sure if you can tell or not that I have already added several layers of pencil over the entire surface.


One more mini that has just been started. I have no idea what it will become.


Once again I am subjecting myself to cruel and unbearable punishment. Although this drawing seems finished to the untrained eye and has been passed off as finished in the past, I have never been satisfied with it. As a result, I am adding to it and completely changing it.

DSC02559It is now a work in progress. I am also experimenting with a technique used in nihonga painting where they draw an underpainting in black ink and then paint in colour on top of that. I have a long way to go, but it is a little exciting and fun, too. Wish me luck! I hope I will not want to erase everything and start again when I am almost finished again…



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