Ma’arui Hiroba: Meet the Artists I

Front: Takashi Yokoyama; Rear (L-R): Kaoru Tatikame, Michelle Zacharias, Yayoi Kobayashi, Masako Otani

kaoru tatikame
Kaoru Tatikame

Kaoru Tatikame usually does etchings or paintings on glass, but she did some drawings this time. She often does cute animals or amphibians that would be great in children’s books, but she tried new imagery and a new style this time.

kaoru tatikame
Kaoru Tatikame

This tiger is a new approach for her. And it sold! Changing styles can be a good thing!

Kaoru Tatikame
Kaoru Tatikame

This is more reflective of her previous style drawing amphibians and other creatures in the water.


This is one of her older paintings on glass. Doesn’t it look like it should be in a picture book for children? By the way, the fish brings the cloud with it so it always has a source of water nearby. A fish needs water, right?

kaoru tatikame
Kaoru Tatikame

This is another one where she was experimenting with a more sculptural piece using thread and holes.

Takashi Yokoyama

These are beautiful photos, but I prefer his photos on regular paper or online. Why? Then you can really see the light and shadows. He has taken some beautiful portraits of his daughter and other people.


Interesting how his photos look like paintings when printed on this paper! I wonder how his printer handled this rough, thick paper. I imagine it was difficult at times. He admitted that his ink jet printer jammed more than a few times. Do you see that poppy? Even up close, it looked like a painting!

yayoi kobayashi
Yayoi Kobayashi

Yayoi Kobayashi’s¬†drawings and prints from found objects are as whimsical as she is. Do you see that bottom one of the ants? She hesitated about putting that one in the show, but yet it is the one that sold! She said she likes to watch ants and spends lots of time taking photos of them.

Yayoi Kobayashi
Yayoi Kobayashi
marthin aka Masako Otani
Marthin aka Masako Otani

I did not get a picture of her beside her sculptures but I will try again later. She is also the gallery owner and show curator. She often makes sculptural pieces and has an eye for pattern.

Michelle Zacharias
Michelle Zacharias

Well, then there is me!

I hope to get more photos up on the blog soon if WordPress co-operates. (It was a nightmare inserting photos for this post after a recent update.) See you at the gallery!


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