More Coffee: Hitoko Fujisaki

Hitoko Fujisaki has another show coming up!


I do not think this one is made from recycled coffee filters but I might be wrong. If the promotional material is any idea, she has again created several smaller pieces that are more affordable for the average person and probably larger, more expensive pieces where she tried new things.


This show is a bit more out of the way though. It is not in in Ginza or Warabi; it is in Kawagoe, Saitama from October 15-31. It is at the Kakurenbo cafe every day, except Sundays when the cafe is closed. I am not sure of the reading of the characters, but maybe the address is Naka-cho or Naka-machi 9-9 in Kawagoe (川越市仲町9-9). Either reading will probably work if you type in Japanese, or you can copy and paste the Japanese I added in parentheses. If you want to meet Fujisaki, I can pass on the message and arrange for her to be there when you visit.


And, going to Kawagoe is a photo op for people who like architecture! I meant to go again when I had a better camera but the weather was awful the second time. Maybe the third time is the charm? Who wants to join me?



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