Question: Which Postcard?

That’s right! Count the girl’s fingers. We have two choices of postcards to use as promotional material for my upcoming show at Gallery Camellia in Ginza from November 17-22. They are numbered without any order of preference. Titles can be changed as well.

Choice No. 1
Choice No. 1

Choice No. 1 is an example of the classic style of postcard used as promotional material. A photograph of a piece of artwork that will be displayed at the show is surrounded by a border. The title of the show, the artist’s name, the dates, and the gallery name are included. (I probably should lower the gallery logo a little bit.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 20.27.06
Choice No. 2

The other choice has the photo bleed off the edge of the paper without any border. It does not show any photo of any artwork being displayed, but it does give you an idea of what you can expect to see. In this case, the title and the coloured pencils tell you that drawings will be displayed. I did not add the name of the gallery, because I could not figure out how to remove the white background of the logo in the file given to me. Like I have said before, I am an analogue girl. The gallery information and the dates will be on the back of the card.

Which one do you like? Why?



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