Hiromichi Nakano Spring-Summer 2016


Bright lights, big city! Tokyo Fashion week has become a big deal, and a friend invited me at the last minute to attend the Hiromichi Nakano show. Her daughter was one of the models and gave her mother two tickets. The fashion geek in me was very excited at the chance to see a show by someone who has successful and long┬ácareer in fashion design. Wouldn’t you be excited?


With the bright lights in the dark black room, it was hard to take photos with my iPhone. I had to play with the sensor by pointing it at one place, focusing, and then moving it where I wanted. By then, the models usually had moved to a different place and beautiful shot was gone. Oh, to be a pro and sit at the end with the shot lined up perfectly and the light meter preset.



The room was packed, and the stage was a small black diamond in the centre. Most people, aside from myself, were wearing head-to-toe black of course.


Being in Japan, a fashionista’s serious wardrobe must have a touch of kawaii (cute) somewhere, right? I am sure that no New Yorker in the biz would have a Disney key holder attached to their tote bag, but it is the norm here.



The first dresses were simple shifts with touches of kimono fabric. They were beautiful! I am sorry that I do not have photos of them.; I was still working out the technical aspects. These outfits with the Op-art influenced circles were striking. I am biased. I loved the first half of the show.


Even the designer’s assistant liked the Op-art shirts, or I assume she did if this was the one outfit she picked.


Some of the delicate trim used in the pieces with kimono fabric as well as red geometric forms echoed in later A-line dresses like this shift worn by Emi Matsushima. By the way, she was one of the few stand-out models in the show. One girl was obviously not healthy; I do not know if she caught a cold or had weight-related issues. Two of the others were obviously very young and lacked a bit of experience. Emi glowed good health and interestingly walked further out on the runway than the other models. She seemed to take an extra step and got closer to the cameras than the others. Maybe she wanted to ensure they had a good shot?


A simple shift with obvious Asian influences in the crossover ties.


Another one of my favourite models in the show. The ubiquitous pastels for spring with geometric panels.




I had a fabulous time at my first fashion show in Tokyo! I still cannot believe that the runway and the audience were so small. As with many events in Tokyo, you need to be invited or selected to attend, and events are not well publicized. I do not agree with this philosophy. I think anybody who is interested should be able to attend. How else can a fashion student take advantage of these opportunities to learn how it is really done? Wouldn’t it be great to be invited again next year? I hope so! Fingers crossed.


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