Kyoto Art Festival’s International Exhibition of Art: Stained Glass


This stained glass screen might have been near the entrance but it also marked the beginning of the Hall of Stained Glass.



The light are still on when everybody is setting up, so you can get an idea of the space where the stained glass pieces are usually set up. When everything is ready and all the lamps are plugged in, the lights in this hallway are turned off to show off the colours. Stained glass items might include lamps, tables, folding screens, motorcycles, and fish tanks. You never know what you will see in this hallway. A Finnish video artist also used this hallway one year, because the images would have been lost in the bright lights of the other room.









Stained-glass artists included Shigemi Inari, Mayumi Sasaki, Reiko Ogawa, Safumi Shinogami, Yasuko Nishida, Kurumi Tokushige, Michiko Sawai, Bao Ri Chuan, and Sanae Hayashida. Hayashida was also in the show at Gallery Keifu because she had won an award last year.

Here Comes the Sun by Sanae Hayashida
Here Comes the Sun by Sanae Hayashida

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