Kyoto International Art Festival: Setting Up at Kokoka

This year I was selected to be one of seven artists to exhibit at the Kyoto International Community House instead of at the annex of the Kyoto municipal art museum with the main group. The venue has the nickname, Kokoka, based on its name in Japanese, Kokusai Koryu Kaikan. The Japanese language uses characters that are either a vowel or a consonant together with a vowel when translated directly into English. This means that abbreviations are composed of a series of characters composed of one or two letters when written in the English alphabet. In other words, consonant + vowel for each word abbreviated. The gallery on the second floor can be rented for free to people or groups of an international nature. Because it is a municipal facility, commercial sales are not possible.

(L-R) Koken Murata, Guest, and Yuko Hirata
(L-R) Koken Murata, Guest, and Yuko Hirata

All of the artists, including some of the organizers for the overall group, helped set up the show. Time was needed to move the walls around.

(L-R) Kantaro Maeda, Deborah Stout, and Yumi Inoue

All of those wooden boxes stacked up against a wall are stands and they were later hidden by the movable walls.


Sokei Honda was our lighting expert. He had to sit or stand on the top of the ladder and move hot spotlights to the preferred position. That took a long time, and he continued even after the room was opened to the public.



Kaoru Eto

Pins and tape were not allowed on the walls, so everything had to be hung on wires. Hanging six panels for one piece from wires was quite a challenge.

Thanks to everybody for helping set up the show!


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