Kyoto’s Subway Posters

The Kyoto subway walls were plastered with these cute posters sponsored by NHK, the national broadcasting company. The posters showed cats in traditional Japanese clothing with various tag lines. Because they were cats, the tag lines included Nyan somewhere. Why? That is the sound that Japanese cats make; they do not meow.


This female cat thanks you for all your hard work, noting how tired you must feel. “Otsukare-sama!”


This samurai cat tells you that another train line is over in this direction. Now you can change trains without fear, right?


Check out this samurai’s family crest on his chest. He reminds you to get along with everybody else on the train.


The kendo cat wears a pair of hakama pants and tells you which direction the ticketing wicket is. Love the paw prints on the wall.


She has the same crest or logo on her apron. She is also telling you in which direction the ticketing wicket can be found.



“Relax! Take it easy!”


“Be careful!”



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