Kyoto International Art Festival: Five Artists at Par Art

Starts December 1st! One week only!

Don’t forget! The international art exhibitions for the Kyoto art festival continue into December this year.


Five artists who are usually part of the larger group that shows at the annex of the Kyoto municipal art museum every year are having a separate show this year at Par Art. Their work was not included in the larger group show in November and should not be missed.

Par Art is a commercial gallery in a restored traditional townhouse called a machiya. You should go see the beautiful art, but do not forget to check out the building.


Wendy Carroll is a textile artist. She usually displays delicate appliqué, but this year she is displaying a silk dress that she designed, dyed, and made for her daughter, who modelled in the photos.  She plans to show the actual dress and photos of her daughter modelling it in a beautiful and natural setting. Or did a water nymph model for her?


Nao Mori is a painter of note. She has also exhibited in Germany and Austria.

Naho Futagami does Nihonga painting but not quite in the same style as most. She does abstracts, not flowers or figures.


“Tiery Le …” is active in both Osaka and Kyoto. And, yes, he includes the three dots in his artist’s name.

Shohei Fujiwara is a photographer, focusing primarily on landscapes.



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