Kyoto Field Art Project 2015


The Kyoto Field Art Project at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art occurred at the same time as the Kyoto international Festival of Art. Many artists were involved in both. As I have said before, autumn is a busy time for artists. All of the artists names are shown in Japanese in the above illustration/map.


  1. Very similar to coverings that protect trees from heavy snow.


2) Muraoka won an award. He was fixing it when I walked by, so I am not sure what it actually did, if it did anything.


3) Kasuke Kishi Tetrahedron. Does this shape look familiar? Yes, it is another geometrica peice bu Kasuke Kishi.


This one also moves, but this time an organic-looking weight is used to keep the manmade, metal sculpture off-balance.


4) Haruka Yabe Young Man.


5) I love the title for this one. It loosely translates to, “Entering Outside Again“.



6) I think these are a kind of balancing mobile if you can have mobiles planted in the ground that is.


The shapes resemble the symbol that marks nuclear materials, don’t they? I wonder if these are a criticism of prime minister Abe’s hawkish policies…


7) Guri Tomosato Koi Koi Bench. I never knew she did sculpture! I love this piece! It is whimsical and friendly. People would want to sit beside the birds if they could. Guri, maybe you should do more sculpture!



8) Mami Kawada.


9) M. Hasegawa’s Ply of the Sky. I think somebody misunderstood how ply was used. I think it is supposed to be a single layer of the sky or a one-dimensional sky (single-ply sky).


10) Hamada’s cat-man.


11) Sano’s dog sculpture with multiple heads.


12) Kondo’s Soil Art (Labyrinth).


13) Latitude of Hiroshima’s Peace Park and Kyoto’s Municipal Art Museum.


Explanation of the piece. I am not sure where the trees are that the artist mentioned.


14) Junpei Ono. The sign says that there are two locations where you can look, touch, and lift the art.


It asks which one feels most like you when you stand on it.


15) Masuda’s statue is supposed to represent the wind.


16) Matsumoto’s Teto Vol. 1.


17) Life’s Kokeshi Doll. I know kokeshi dolls are somewhat phallic in shape, but they do not usually have sacs attached.


18) This artist with the surname Murata is not the same Murata as in the show at the annex in case you were wondering. Is this a skeleton?


19) Can you believe that this is called, The Tribe, and made of people’s Facebook photos? (The description said icons but I think they meant profile photos.)


20) Tatsuki Tokuriki Sky. Tokuriki was very busy! He had the show in the annex, Nitten in Tokyo, and this one. He probably had a few more shows that I do not know about, too. It is a bit unusual for a glass artist to do a sculpture for outside. He likes challenges!


21) Matsumura’s title is very creepy. Loosely translated it is safety equipment for we, the controlled. Gulp!



22) I thought Maekawa’s sculpture was supposed to be a theatre of sorts but the title suggests that it is a portrait of a relationship.


23) I loved Tsujita’s piece called, “Reflection“. Doesn’t it look like a dragon by the pond?



24) Kimura’s So. That is a countable meaning layers. I guess a mummy is wrapped in layers, right? This was the Grand Prix winner.

IMG_0399 (1)


25) Yasuko Matsumoto Media in the Sand.  I met her at another gallery, and she told me about this project. All those little boxes were made of newspaper and filled with sand. They would disintegrate naturally over time as they are exposed to the elements.

Twenty-five artists! That is a lot art to keep you busy on a fine day. Mother Nature, however, had a few additions.


This grey-plumed heron or egret also enjoyed the autumn sunshine.



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