Kyoto Art Festival: Sculpture at the Old Kyoto City Hall


As mentioned before, the sculptors in the international group of artists that I am in are a particularly busy group. Kasuke Kishi and Kaoru Eto were also in a show at Kyoto’s old city hall, which is a heritage building. Just like the Annex, this building is old and beautiful. Look at that wood trim and the fireplace in the above photo.



Although not a geometric shape and although not in motion, the spiky teapot is one of Kasuke Kishi’s sculptures.


Kaoru Eto’s abstract sculpture is representative of his work but smaller in scale.


Your heart cannot help but melt at the sight of this hound’s face and long ears. This artist’s work is recognizable by the subject matter and also had a piece in the Nitten show in Tokyo.


Yes, that is a can on the demon’s head. He is jokingly part of a traffic safety campaign against drunk driving. You were warned!


Several artists also had sculptures outside in the gardens. Good idea! Remind people what it would look like if they decided to purchase one for their school, park, or corporate grounds. Don’t forget to support the arts!


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