Narrative Abstract Art


Can you believe it? I am already in another group show! It is at the ArtComplex Center of Tokyo (ACT). (Yes, Art and Complex are one word, and they could have used Complex or Center instead of both words. And the abbreviation only has one C. This is Japan. Style trumps logic almost every time.)

I think this might be an unusual show for ACT. Their shows tend to be serial shows with the same titles repeated annually or semi-annually, and their shows tend to feature art heavily influenced by manga. One or two abstract artists might be in a thematic show, but they are the minority.

On the Tokyo Art Navigation website, the organizers have this statement:

Abstract art has taken predominance over the centuries and has opened new grounds for artistic expression. What is abstract art and how do contemporary artists make it come to life?
We would like visitors to experience this genre of art and take away something from their gallery experience be it a feeling or an expression from the artists. 

Narrative Abstract Art runs from 11:00-8:00, February 23 to February 28. I plan on being there every weekday in the afternoon (my hours might vary slightly) as well as for  the reception on Saturday and a bit on Sunday. The reception is Saturday, February 27 from 5:30-7:30. Free wine for everybody! And of course a chance to hang out with the artists and chat with us all.

DM_draft – Version 2

Featured artists include:

Tetsuo Ida (Or Tetsuo I’ida)
Hebime (Snake Eyes)
Yoshito Ishi (or Ishi’i)
Vinn Wong
Ayako Kusama
Monzo Watanabe
Michelle Zacharias
Kaoru Edamoto
Madara Manji
Yuka Iwagami


Click names to view their websites or pages.

DM_draft – Version 3

Here is a map in Japanese for how to get there, or you could enter the name in English when you use your favorite map app. I prefer Shinanomachi station to Yotsuya Sanchome station.


Vinn Wong
草間 彩子
ザ カライアス、ミッシェル

11:00-20:00 ※最終日は18:00まで

The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
160-0015 東京都新宿区大京町12-9 2F ACT5



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