Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Tokyo: 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in Tokyo is celebrating its tenth anniversary with several special activities. Anybody who is interested can join the group who will be painting a mural at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku on April 23. Cherry Typhoon, the founder of the Tokyo branch of Dr Sketchy’s, is returning as a model in Yoyogi Park on April 24. The Design Festa Gallery is also the site of an exhibition all weekend, April 22-24.



Their Facebook page says:

Exhibition Fee: ¥3500
Pay deadline: March 31
Payment Method: Bring cash to the next event (March 16), or at anytime to Ebisu Atelier d’Art

To apply email the following info to
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Number of Artworks:
Estimate size needed: x cm
How often do you come to sketchy’s?
When was the last time?
How did you hear about us?

Work installation will be APRIL 22 (Friday) 4-6.30pm
If you need us to install for you, please bring your work to the next event (March 16) or to Ebisu Atelier d’Art.
Taking down of the exhibition will happen on April 24 (Sunday

支払い方法:次のイベント(3月16日)、または随時にEbisu Atelier d’Art に現金を提出。

申し込み方法:以下の情報を info@drsketchy.jp へ送ってください。
必要な展示サイズ(合計) x cm

搬入できない方は事前に作品を提出頂ければ、Sketchy’sスタッフは設置します。3月のイベント(16日)に持っていただくか、随時に Ebisu Atelier d’Art に提出してください。

This is all great news! Any excuse to be in another show, especially at such a low price! Problems? What drawings do I display? I have so many that I have done since I moved to Kanto and started going to Dr Sketchy’s. With an exhibition, artwork usually has to be framed. Most of my frames are still in Kyushu. My drawings tend to be large, so a new frame would cost a lot. I would also need to erase smudges, spray them with fixative, and iron the paper. Some of my favourite drawings I also gave to the models! Yikes!


Please ignore the shadows and wrinkles in the paper. This is quite a large drawing, about a metre long. It is one of several that I like of Coppelia Circus. (My drawings tend to be much larger and more gestural than many of the other participants.)




These are all of Coppelia Circus and are about poster size. Do I want to buy more frames? Do I also want to buy mats for them? The paper is cheap and will yellow over time, but that never stopped other artists like Lautrec or Degas.


I think this is Bee Tiny Tot. This one is also poster size. I really like this one because of its simplicity.


This one is of Haruka Delsole and her gold chains. It is a little smaller than the poster-sized ones but it is still a little too large for the frame I have here with me.


I also have a few on Oriental paper used for calligraphy practice. The ones I have are long and thin. Half of one sheet is about two-thirds the size of the poster ones.  If I trim these and possibly cover some of the bottom, I might be able to get these to fit in the frames I have but I would need a new mat. These are slimmer than the artwork I previously framed. This blue sketch is of Odile.


This is also on that long, slim sheet of paper. This one is a conte sketch of Rice the Frog Mama.


This one is drawn on four small sheets of Oriental paper that I glued together. Maybe this is Acco, but I am not sure.



These are small sheets of Oriental paper, smaller than a sheet of letter paper. I could easily put two of these in one frame if I get a new mat cut.

I have other sketches but these either seemed the most adaptable or ones that caught my eye when I was going through them all. What do you think? Which one or which combination should I use?



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