Narrative Abstract Art II

DM_draft – Version 2


The Narrative Abstract Art show is an attempt by the Artcomplex Center of Tokyo [sic] to redirect their focus away from manga-oriented or graphic art to the fine arts. As usual, the range is quite wide from new artists to emerging or mid-career artists.



Monzo Watanabe is from my old stomping grounds of Yamaguchi! At first I thought these were made of melted glass but later I learned that they were mixed-media collages that were digitally manipulated and then heavily varnished to get an incredibly glossy surface.



Yoshito Ishi delicate paintings continue a trend that can be found in the work of many popular contemporary artists. They are an artistic expansion of Zentangles. These were calming and delicate with their fluid lines.




Mandara Manji makes small objects or sculptures in metal. He supposedly combines the metals and then pounds them smooth. He convinced Kaoru Edamoto to apply for this show.


Kaoru Edamoto‘s are sculptural paintings that are very difficult to photograph! When asked how he makes them, he said that his technique is top secret.


Hebime (Snake Eye) was heralded by the collector Team Tan and came all the way from Kansai to Tokyo. For some pieces, he paints several layers of acrylic paint and then carves into the layers to make sculptural paintings.



Vinn Wong is originally from Australia and also does slick, glossy paintings that look like they were made from melted glass. He had both small and large pieces. He has amazing business acumen!



Tetsuo Iida‘s strong graphical paintings are very popular. New work is currently in Re-create at the Azabujuban Gallery.


This was my corner. As you can see, each artist is given a very small space. Hebime and I both expanded our spaces slightly by using the bit of wall that protruded on the sides. Otherwise my space would have been filled with only two drawings, and I refuse to hang them from floor to ceiling! Mine were drawings and seemed too delicate in contrast to the powerful masculine work in the room. I am learning that my drawings invite introspection.



Ayako Kusama does both abstract paintings and illustrations. Her work was small but striking. It photographed really well! I am a bit jealous in that aspect.



Kinuwo was one of the three women in the show. She has been exploring 3D pieces and the use of gold.

Yes, we women were under-represented. I do not know it was intentional or not, but the women were grouped together on one wall. Why? This is one of several mysteries I noticed.

Thank you to everybody who came by and visited me or the show! Every visitor and every opinion is appreciated.





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