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Grrr! Spammers!


DSCF4834Grrr! Darn spammers! An the advice of a friend who knows more about these things than I do, one blog has been set so that anybody can become an official user as a way of subscribing to the blog without going through e-mail (if I recall correctly). It sounds like a lovely plan except so far all of the people who have signed up have been spammers. They supposedly can do nothing more than just subscribe but it is still irritating to see them try.

How do I know they are spammers and not new people trying to be friends? Some of my best friends live in Russia, but that or another address is Eastern Europe is also sadly the sign of a spammer. If you use Google to search for their addresses, they are often listed as spamming several other sites. If you check their names, they are often deceased. Yes, that is right. Posting on blogs from the graves seems to be the newest trend. This could make for interesting Hallowe’en costumes…

IMG_2953_2Be an angel! Please do not register as a blog user unless you are sincere and not a spammer, hacker, phisher, or troll. Other places are reserved for fallen angels. Just ask Dante.